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Turban Training Tying Styling Draping Classes British Columbia

  • Turban training is a way to celebrate and promote Sikh culture among the youth and the wider community.
  • Turban training is also a way to combat racism and discrimination against turban-wearing individuals, especially after the 9/11 attacks.
  • Turban training is also a way to support and recognize the achievements of turban-wearing Sikhs in various fields, such as politics, law, sports, etc.

How can I participate in a turban training program?

  • You can join a turban training centre or a dastar academy in British Columbia, Canada that offers professional courses on how to tie different styles of turbans.
  • You can also participate in Sikh Turban Day events that organize turban training programs and contests for the public.
  • You can also pursue a career in the US Army as a Sikh soldier who is allowed to wear a turban during training and service.

Turban Training Classes in British Columbia

Sardar Sakatter Singh Gill a best turban coach in British Columbia, Canada has years of experience in offering turban tying and styling classes in BC.